At present administrators of Educational institutions’ is concerned on the regularity of student attendance. Student’s overall academic performance is affected by the student’s present in his schools. Mainly there are two traditional methods of taking attendance and they are by calling student name or by taking signature of students on paper. They both were more time consuming and inefficient. Hence, there is a requirement of computer-based student attendance management system which will assist the faculty for maintaining attendance of presence.

Fingerprint becomes the most mature and popular biometrics technology used in automatic personal identification. The reason for the popularity of fingerprint verification is that fingerprints satisfy uniqueness, stability, permanency and easily taking. They are secure to use, unique for every person and does not change in one's lifetime. Besides these, implementation of fingerprint recognition system is cheap, easy and accurate up to satisfiability.

Secretary's Message

Student Attendance Management System is an act of managing attendance or presence student in a school setting to minimize irregularity of student attendance in the classes. Attendance in a school has traditionally been approached using register to keep the records, but attendance management goes beyond this to provide a working environment which maximizes accurate attendance of the student’s overall academic performance is affected by the student’s present in his schools.

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